How to Wipe Cache Partition Samsung S23 via Recovery Mode

Does your Samsung Galaxy S23 suddenly have a poor performance like slowing down? Performance-related issues generally occur when the system cache of your device gets corrupted. If you face this concern, you need to wipe cache partition on Galaxy S23 so that it can rebuild a new one. Here’s simple steps to wipe cache partition on your Samsung Galaxy S23.

wipe cache partition samsung s23

How to boot Samsung Galaxy S23 into Recovery Mode

In order to clear the cache partition, you have to boot your Galaxy S23 into the recovery mode first. Do not be worried about your important data and files since they will be just safe, you will not lose them.

  • Turn off your phone. If it’s still on, press the Volume Down and Power keys for a few seconds until the power options appear, then press Power Off. You’ll know your device has turned off completely if it vibrates slightly after the screen goes black.

samsung s23 recovery mode

  • Hold down the Volume Up button and the Power button for 8 seconds. Most of the time, it won’t take more than 8 seconds before you feel a slight vibration followed by the Samsung logo appearing on the screen. So, as soon as you feel the vibration or the Samsung logo appears, release both keys and wait for the device to enter recovery mode. You’ll know you’ve reached this screen if you can see the Android recovery menu options in yellow text.

Samsung Galaxy S23 does not work in recovery mode

If your Samsung Galaxy S23 does not go into the recovery mode when you press and hold the power and volume up buttons, you can follow these steps below.

  • Turn off your phone.
  • Connect the USB-C headset to your phone. We highly recommend using the Samsung USB-C headset.

recovery mode  galaxy s23

  • Press the Volume Up button and the Power button simultaneously until the logo appears.
  • Wait for the phone to enter the Android recovery screen.

This procedure works for us but other users have reported that it doesn’t work on their devices. If you are one of them, here is what you need to do instead.

  • Turn off your phone and connect it to its charger.
  • Press and hold the Volume Up button, while pressing and holding the Power button.
  • When the Samsung logo appears, release the Power button but continue to hold the Volume Up button.
  • When the phone reaches the recovery screen, release the Volume Up button.

Steps to wipe cache partition Samsung S23 series

Once your device has successfully booted into recovery mode, you will be able to access several commands that can help you solve firmware-related issues on your device. Below are the steps to wipe cache partition your Galaxy S23, S23 Plus and S23 Ultra.

  • Use the Volume Down to highlight Wipe cache partition. Make sure to select Wipe cache partition and not “Wipe data/factory reset” if you don’t want to lose your important files and stuff in your phone.

delete cache partition galaxy s23

  • Press the Power button to select it.
  • Press Volume Down button once to select “Yes“, then press Power button again to select it. It will only take a second or two before your Galaxy S23 finishes wiping the cache partition and brings you back to the main Android recovery screen.
  • All you have to do now is press the Power button once to select “Reboot system now” and it will reboot your Galaxy S23.

And that’s the end of wiping your phone’s cache partition. It may take a few more seconds for your phone to boot up as it rebuilds the system cache, but once the reboot is complete, you can use it normally. We hope this simple guide can help you to wipe the cache partition on your Samsung Galaxy S23 series.

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