Leaked: Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Matching Design and Camera Performance

Samsung Galaxy S23 series flagship will hit the market with a two-way design split. Yet, there is a strong rumor that it will change next year. The evidence is based on several leaks. The current comes from the tipster Ice Universe, who uploaded photos of protective cases, unveiling the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra. The Ultra will get the water droplet camera setups, shown with the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

samsung galaxy s23 series

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series rumors

Samsung Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ (wrongfully called Pro) will get three cameras, lined up vertically, with the presence of the LED flash located next to the top shooter. Additionally, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is available with five circles. Those are the four cameras and the PDAF + laser AF sensors. Also, it will come with sharper corners since the Ultra series will get the footprint of the Note lineup together with the S Pen.

samsung galaxy s23 case

Case makers will get the dimensions of the upcoming phones from Samsung before the devices are released. If the case is similar, we think that it will be available in the real deal. Well, we need to wait for at least three months before the manufacturer announces the release of Galaxy S23 smartphones. But, rumors are already beginning to give an increasingly clear image of the evolutionary updates.

Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera Sample

The leakster, Ice Universe has gotten the prototype of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and has started sharing a camera sample. Work on the device is clearly not complete yet because it will not hit the market for a few months ahead, but the results of the camera are promising.

Samsung has developed its internal sensor and they will use it to support the S23 Ultra. Therefore, the device will be the first 200MP Phone from Samsung. However, it will not be one of the 200MP ISOCELL sensors you can find. But, the device will get a new design. Apparently, the leakster added that it will support a 50MP Mode. Again, everything about this device is still under development.

galaxy s23 ultra camera

Some sources even have shared the crop from photos by Galaxy S23 Ultra and Galaxy S22 Ultra with upscaled images 16x. The new phone offers a much sharper picture and it is able to resolve the packed parallel lines tightly. Meanwhile, the current model blurs. Even better, you can check that the AI-based image enhancements were not active for the shot.

The story about Samsung Galaxy S23 is not over yet. We can move from the main camera to the old telephoto camera. Hopefully, Samsung will keep the old telephoto camera of the predecessor, the 2022 Ultra for the Galaxy S23. However, the leakster again explained that the improved image processing will offer better image quality.

So, the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S23 series is still far away from the markets. We expect to see the device in January or February, next year. Also, Samsung typically keeps going on with the camera updates after launch. Therefore, it is just a preview of the possible things for the new Ultra, especially for its camera performance.

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